Softwares on Installment Plans

Affordable software solutions with flexible payment plans. Get the software you need upfront for 50% OFF and pay later. Interest FREE installment plans.

Develop Now and Pay Later

We provide a customizable modularized online office management solution to manage work, documents, attend customer queries, emails and calls. Your existing legacy systems, databases, excel docs and files now can be on a secure cloud environment.

  • Initial payment of 50% Only

  • Monthly installments from 6-12 Months

  • 1 Year Free Hosting (Domain, Email and Servers)

  • 1 Year full software support and maintenance.


1 Year FREE Hosting and Domain

We help to set up free 1 YEAR, your own cloud hosting account on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This includes your office servers, domains, storage, databases etc.

Email Setup

We will help to set up official emails and staff emails to keep the workplace and information securely. You can manage multiple company emails under one solution.

Online Customer Support

We provide a modern customer support solution which enables you to engage with customers and provide customer support from anywhere. This includes Query management,Call management, Case Management and Email Integration.

SMS Manager

Manage your customer contact lists and team lists to send SMS or run SMS campaigns. SMS contents and templates can be managed in the system.

Data Migrations

Your existing legacy system, databases, excel files, pdfs, .docs or any other files can be migrated to cloud and made accessible by your team.

System Integrations

Your existing databases, softwares or files can be utilized to make it online for different purposes based on your requirements. We provide data integration tools for different database integrations and solutions.

Secure Access Control

Restrict user access to different modules and data. Track user activities and history in one place.

Document Management

Manage all your office documents on cloud. You can upload different types of documents like excel, docx, images etc.. and restrict user access based your requirements.

Website & App Development

If you need a customizable website or an app for your customers or clients, we provide them in our Office 2020 package.

BML Payment Gateway / Wallets Integrations

Full integration to BML Payment Gateway
Our Payment Channel Manager will allow you to configure your gateway settings and simulate both test and production environments.

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