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paaticles.com is a free multi-purpose online platform designed for Shopping, Service Providers, Housing, Classifieds, Bill Pay, Food, Appointments, Hotels and more...

Meet Our Team

Ismail Shafiu

Co-founder & MD

A tech enthusiast, a thinker and an experienced programmer for over 5 years, who believes in change and possibilities. Specialized in software engineering and researching on predictive analytics and AI.

Yoosuf Riffath

Full-Stack Developer

Riffath is curious about science, technology and the universe. He has developed a mathematical mindset, passion for learning and solving big problems.

Aik Ibrahim

Sales Development Lead

Aik likes to explore opportunities and create possibilities. Aik believes that being curious makes you see things in a peculiar way that can lead to astonishing possibilities.

Ahmed Naish

Sales and Marketing Lead

A divergent thinker passionate about learning, Naish is a multi-talented individual, let it be design, marketing or sales who believes in making a difference and bringing the Paaticles vision to reality.

Ismail Zihunee

Digital Marketing Lead

Zihunee is an avid pursuer of excellence. Armed with an extensive background in sales and detail-oriented approach to customer service and digital solutions has earned him a legion of loyal clientele over the years.

Mohamed Azhar

Web Developer

A great programmer who is curious to learn and discover difficult problems which people face everyday in order tackle it down paving way for a better software development community for the future.

Mohmed Affan

Software Developer

Affan has been intrigued about software engineering since the day he first used a computer system. He loves learning new programming languages and exploring their capabilities.

Ken D Timothy

Software Architect

Ken ensures our clients are given the best user experience. He writes top quality object-oriented codes, delights himself in solving logical problems, and design our apps' cloud architecture utilizing Amazon AWS.

Jide Arowofela

Mobile App Lead

Enthusiastic towards work and an expert mobile application developer, NIIT (National Institute of Information and Technology) Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.