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Meet Our Team

Ismail Shafiu

Co-Founder & MD

A tech enthusiast, a thinker and an experienced programmer for over 5 years, who believes in change and possibilities. Specialized in software engineering and architecture.

Aik Ibrahim

Sales and Marketing Lead

Aik likes to explore opportunities and create possibilities. Aik believes that being curious makes you see things in a peculiar way that can lead to astonishing possibilities.

Ken D Timothy


Graduated from Bangalore Christ University in 2015, Ken ensures the scalable, secure application architecture and design concerns. He is responsible for ensuring code base quality, structure, deployment process, security and cloud architecturing for Amazon AWS.

Jide Arowofela

Mobile Apps Lead

Jide is a full stack engineer with expertise in Mobile Application Development. He has authored both Native and Hybrid apps using different technologies on multiple platform. He is as driven as he was when he built his first app. Jide is the team lead for Android and iOS development.


Full Stack Web Developer

A Full Stack Web Developer who is passionate about tech, with years of experience as a consultant for companies within the Baltic and Nordic region, Finland and Estonia in particular. React JS and Vue JS enthusiast and code advocate.

Mohamed Masiaan

UI/UX Developer

Maisaan is responsible for all UI/UX related developments across the website. This includes both UI development and UX improvements.

Hussain Shafiu

Creative Director

Hussain is the graphics designer and digital marketing content lead. He works on creative graphics and video contents for marketing campaigns.